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Recorded in the basement of Woodhaven Drive in Barrington, NH by Drew Brown. Mixed and Mastered by Drew Brown. All songs, lyrics and music copyright A Minor Revolution 2011.


released 01 December 2011

AJ Valcourt
Pat Flood
Ryan Lovlien
Zack Sprague
Drew Brown
Chris McKenney



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Born Free
This sign on my back don't mean social collapse;
It simply means I'm self employed.
You can find me with a beer or a bong in my hand,
Singing "I'll see you in Hell, boys!"
These many offenses I'm convicted of
Don't strike me as the criminal type
Civil dissent was bonded to me by the
Fathers who drafted my rights.
There's no politics about it
Or religion behind it
I'm the master of my own domain
There's a girl in the streets being raped by police,
And this comes as no big surprise.
Those badges and guns are supposed to come
With justice and freedom in mind.
So officer, you watch what you say
Or I won't pay my taxes this year!
'Cause I'm sick of crime and all of the lies;
I'm sick of existing in fear!
There's no politics about it
Or religion behind it;
I'm the master of my own domain!
You cannot arrest me,
Because I was born free
And unto my ancestors' pain!
Give me the war budget, just for a day!
I'd spend it on cocktails, and lighters and spray!
Ask if the boys can come outside to play;
We'll celebrate the day!
In our plain clothes, exposed
For the whole world to see!
We'll smile and wave as we stroll down the streets
And every Capitol building we see, rendered obsolete!
There's no politics about it
Or religion behind it!
I'm the master of my own domain!
You cannot arrest me,
Because I was born free,
And unto my ancestors pain!
So give me my first all the way to my tenth,
I'm guaranteed to exercise
All the rights that I've got and the power I've not
I'm fighting to get back my life!
Track Name: My Most Sincere Gratitude
Thank you for protecting me
From all the violence that I witness
Daily on my television screen---
My briefcase when I arrive at work
My laptop just might be a bomb
We don't want anybody getting hurt.
Thank you for keeping me clean
Without your loving, watchful eye things
Might find their way into my bloodstream
And thank you for thinking of me
Involuntarily included
In your skewed idea of liberty!
I'm so relieved, this weight is off my chest.
Good and evil now defined
By the States' elected best!
Thank you for the criminal youth
Whose only means of making cash
Are stealing cars and selling hash
Ten years old and out on the street,
Her parents went bankrupt
From those RIAA fees
Und danke fur Auschwitz,
Das atombommbe und Agent Orange
All to protect my best interests.
And thank you for all this debt
My grandchildrens' lives signed away
But I trust you; ya told me not to fret
And I'd like to thank the cops
For coming to the show tonight
Ironically armed to the teeth to prevent fights
What's that badge?
More like a shielded chip
Your shoulders can't support the weight
Of all your lies and tricks
I now declare
A war against the fear
With which you choke your followers
The boiling point is near
The reaction takes place
Proliferating through Das Kapitol
And burning all the liars, theives and snakes!
We'll bite the hand that feeds!
Last fucking thing we need!
We'll bite the hand that feeds!
Track Name: The Mexicans Have Landed!
The Mexicans have landed ocne again
They don't have time for friends
There's something strange about siesta time
Production don't decline
When you're on Methamphetamine
It's hard to relax when there's a deal on the line!
Their business started small
Bought you out right quick
Those shiny pesos, they looked pretty slick!
Laptops and cell phones
And three summer homes
They're sipping on lattes, you sleep in the cold!
These days the dollar's been going down
More than Tiger Woods
The odds, they aren't looking so good
In a black Escalade,
Sunglasses Jose
He politely asks,"Yo, you wanna job mang?"
Track Name: Foaming At The Palm
She had a straw mini skirt and raccoon socks
Fishy slippers and her hair was laced with knots
Something's not right
With that little girl
She doesn't understand words like, "Hi!"
"Where's your family," or
"What's with that look in your eye?"
She was normal once, you gotta understand
From recollection, she was good with her hands
Played the violin, a seamstress, too.
Used to give hand jobs to pay for all her food
But she never gave up that ass
Not a hooker, she was born too upper class
Always a little weird
Always lacked the common fear
But push came to shove, toss came to hurl
The day she met that rabid squirrel!
The furry little fucker just caught her eye
Bit her on the finger and she began to cry
As it infected her palm
It stopped at the wrist, what a strange phenomenon.
As her eyes turned to red, in her clutches: my cock!
All I could do was pray that she wouldn't snap it off
So I let her just go to town
Gotta believe me she's the best around
She yanked it to the left
Yanked it to the right
Yanked it till I lost my Goddamn sight Whoa!
I never knew rabies could have a good side
But the drool seemed to give the girl a
Frictionless slid, whoa!
Not sure if she's alive or dead
But I do what she wants,
Cause I don't wanna lose my head!
It's been a while and I'm shooting blanks
Hydrophobodite's fiending for it like a sperm bank
Tried to tell her it just needs some time
She threw me down and started to grind
It turned me on that I might die
There's something quite endearing 'bout that look
In her eye
She hit her head when she stood up quick
She hit the deck and released my dick
I had to make a big decision quick:
Head for the hills or remain in the sex pit!
I knew my demise was just a matter of time
It's hard to choose when the girl's so fine
Yeah, I'm here to tell the story today
And if I had the chance I'd give it all away
Just to spend my last days in some coital bliss
I wouldn't call her crazy, she's just got a primal twist!
Track Name: The Killing Song
Killing is our future if killing is our past
Killing is our future if killing is our past
I know I'm not God
Killing is our future if killing is our past
Killing is our future if killing is our past
I know I'm not God
It seems there's some who think they are
Is it more noble to want peace,
Or fight and die for your beliefs?